10. Aug, 2020

Freeform Pine needle weaving

This is the other pine needle weaving I have been working on. It is completely free form and I have practices doing a reverse open window as well as the standard windows with this piece. You can almost see how shiny the pine needles are at the top since I discovered the pine needles have a sheath with a shiny side and an inverted side and to place the shiny side outward in the bundle. I am now going to do a very large standard window on each side of the piece and then I might call it done and add some embellishments. I think my wrapping stitches are too close together in both pieces but that began as a result of using the short pinus radiata needles. It will be interesting to see how things develop from the needles I am using now. It is quite time consuming and I can only do a couple of hours in the evening but it is also very meditative and compares well to slow stitching and staying in the moment.