8. Aug, 2020

Back to my pine needle weaving and a new High in visitors to the blog

Wow I am humbled. Last week 5 344 people visited my site. I know I do a lot of different art work compared to some people but that is a lot of viewers. When I start to get a bit stale (or lazy) I think well I need to have something to put on the blog so what will I work on today. With the online Art and creativity programme it is a bit the same as I need to log my hours on any project to insure I am staying engaged so the blog has been a good lead in to that. The blog was never about public exposure but to keep me honest in my studio practice so that I made sure I did do something creative every day.
I have gone back to this pine needle basket now I have the longer pine needles and it is progressing much more quickling. I am coming up the sides now and just about ready to try and insert some bead windows into the basket