4. Aug, 2020

Auditioning momigami and Fabric

Here I am trying to decide which momigami papers plus a few fabrics I will use to create a small landscape using this process. You can see I have chosen the blue Christmas bauble paper and the purple and silver lace paper at the top. Both of these papers had a shiny finish so when crumpled they reflect the light quite differently. At the bottom I have placed some cream with a white fleur pattern. the green and the print at the bottom left are pieces of hand dyed/printed fabric from other experiments. I never through away my experimental pieces because even though you may not be happy with them initially, they can come into being just the right piece for something else. The green is such a piece. The print on this was very muddy looking but in a landscape piece like this that is an advantage. I have added in a small piece of open weave burlap that I acquired for another project but i thought would give this piece an added texture. Cas's challenges are always interesting in that they often lead to unexpected personal shifts in perspective