1. Aug, 2020

This is the Life

Our crazy dog Rusty loves to stretch out in front of the fire on his mat. He lies back as if he has not a care in the world - he probably doesn't. Often he just lies beside me as I sew or work in the garden. This week 4,950 viewers came to this site - a new record by far. I want to thank you all . It is very humbling as I pursue my art course and share my art and attempts with you. The one bonus from Covid 19 is that there are many more online workshops with artists I could never access. This is because teaching schedules have been so badly disrupted. I have joined the Stitch Club and get 3 weekly challenges each month - it is not just the challenges but the inspiration of how these textile artist approach their work that is invaluable. I don't know if I am a technique junkie but I have taken away so many good ideas for use going forward that have nothing to do with the challenge presented. and of course they are great feed ins for my online art course. My course mentor is a photography tutor so he is trying to get me to find my way around the camera I bought for the aborted trip to India (other than auto settings). That is a challenge in itself made more difficult by online working.