29. Jul, 2020

My Second Piece from the Gregory Wilkins style

This is the second piece I made. I have to show it in landscape as otherwise the korus get cut off. On this piece I started off with a teabag on net substrate. I decided not to free machine quilt the whole of the area because it was going to be covered in paint - maybe I was just feeling lazy. So I only did a wavy machine line over the joins on the teabags. When I have worked with teabag substrates in the past they have either been free machine stitched down or laminated to fabric with gel medium. You can see here that this time the teabags wrinkled with the paint application where they were not stitched down and created a lovely texture of their own that catches the light and creates a depth to the piece - a bit difficult to show in this little picture. I have been pine needle weaving and decided to make pine needle korus for this embellishment to see how far I could push the bending of the pine needles. They have a 16 gauge florist wire inside the pine needles where they are curled. My original thought was to bind off the end of the curl with the waxed thread used to stitch down the stems and then stitch that to the background. However I liked the way the pine needles sprayed out from the korus so the second two I have left with the wispy pine needles. I hope they dont detach over time