23. Jul, 2020

Using Soap as a Resist

Using soap as an alternative medium gave me a chance to trial some playful stuff. here I am using it as a resist. I pinned a piece of scoured cotton onto an old screen printing frame - quite a large one. I grated the soap and added enough water to make it into a paste. I then spread it onto the fabric and textured it using a kitchen implement usually used to hold onions or tomatoes to cut them evenly. The precept here is that when the soap is dry and I apply ink/diluted paint it will go through to the areas that are exposed but the soap will act as a resist where it is built up. I have tried a similar practice with flour and water paste so hopefully I am not wasting my time. It is an exercise for my art programme so whether it works or fails it will be good to document it. the weather is very wet here at the moment so it might take a while for the soap to dry out