21. Jul, 2020

The soap and paper shred Bowl

I placed a styrofoam ball in a bowl and stuck in some pins around the perimeter of the bowl so it couldn't roll. I covered it with plastic and then began attaching the soap and paper shred sort of paper mache around the bowl. I had to work in smallish bits so it didn't fall off and I had to push it into the existing shred around the bowl. I did not mush the paper shred or use a food processor to make a homogenous paper mache mix as I quite liked the texture of the uncombined shred. For interest I placed textured threads over the paper shred mush and pushed them into the bowl. finally I flattened the top so that when it is finished it should have a reasonable base to sit on. Now the long wait for it to dry so I can take it off the styrofoam mould. I don't know how permanent the soap will be so I will probably paint the end result with powertex to get a bit longer life from it and the top will need to be probably be trimmed.