19. Jul, 2020

In the Style of Sue Stone

Sue Stone is a UK embroidery who is well known for her embroidered stories of people. The stitched "Wahine" above, with her facial moko, has been stitched from the techniques she introduced in the Stitch Club Challenge and it has taken me several nights of stitching to get to this stage. I made a sketch and then traced that onto tissue paper. Then stitched through the tissue paper into the linen using a variety of three coloured threads - black, charcoal and very dark green. The hair has been couched down using a thicker crotchet cotton and couching several strands at a time to give a more wavy effect, Originally I was gong to use pearl thread but it seems it is not easy to find these days. You can still see some little bits or tissue around the edges. While this piece could be seen as complete in itself, it is really and experimental idea for a larger piece I am planning as a project in my art course. I may not use this technique in the end but it has been an interesting journey in creating facial features by hand rather than thread painted by machine. I want to try another face using teabags underneath the stitching to simulate older skin. I made a quilt - machine stitched - last year using a similar technique so this is probably a natural progression. I would also like to try working on a building or machinery as a totally new compositional style for me. I seldom work on man made artifacts but I think this technique might lend itself quite nicely to that