16. Jul, 2020

Working with alternate Materials

In my art course we were encouraged to experiment with alternative materials for printing - hence my soap making experiments so now I am up to carving in the soaps and playing around to see if different paint applications make different impressions on both paper and cloth. In this exercise it was reinforced that simpler carved designs often work better than the more complicated and with the soap softer soaps often give different results to harder soaps. Above you can see my results using the handmade soaps. They probably don't look very inspiring but having worked with Jane Dunnewold I know that overprinting can change a preliminary poor print into something useable. I also found with the soft home made soaps that the surface wasnt very even and when I washed the first lot of paints off this evened up (on all the soaps so a completely different print was made. The top left prints were made from home made soap and a bottle lid pressed into the soap as it was. The top right is a block of solvo soap the was "carved" into by just using a kitchen fork to score the surface. I will post up the results of using these two prints in a more complex way over the next few days