9. Jul, 2020

Way Out of My Comfort Zone

This week with Stitch Club the challenge is with Mandy Pattullo and making a random collage accordian book. Here is my page 1 - double spread. I had to do some stamping and embellishment as well as adding in some fabric scraps - some of my own printed stuff in there as well as commercials. I am primarily working on a green and gold theme and surprisingly enough I am enjoying the process. It is way out of my comfort zone with the unfinished edges but then the slow movement fragments idea embraces that concept. Each little square is overstitched down by hand. The book is 5 x 5 inches (125x125 cm). This is what is fun with stitch club. it challenges you to try different things and gives good techniques to incorporate in my arsenal going forward. Useless little bits of finished work but very therapeutic and yesterday was such a cold, wet miserable day that indoor activities were the only option. And I am down to putting the binding on my Hoffman challenge so I am well on target with that. Hope to finish that and get it mailed off this week and then I can do some of the fun experimental stuff in my Creativity programme.