28. Jun, 2020

Welcome to my Wet Studio

I am not a tidy worker but this is a glimpse into my studio. When we purchased this house 20 years ago it had an open porch and we promptly built it in. At one stage we had a spa where the table is. it is a lovely light airy space to work in and I look out into the garden frome the printing bench on the left. The drawers in the left foreground are part of my quilting table that whells out and side panels raise upto create a good pinning surace. My kneeds to dont like to pin on the ground these days. In the back corner are two filing cabinets here I keep my larger pieces of fabric, folded over suspension files so that when I open the drawers I can see what I have on hand. At this time of the year it is a bit cold to work out there without a heater but i do sometimes take my sewing machine out there in the Summer. a round table is not ideal for sewing but it is very pleasant. In the top corner is my great grandmother's spinning wheel from the first world war when she spun and knot socks for the soldiers at the front. It does still go but I prefer my little Nagy when I do spring which is not so often these days. You can see my prayer flags handing from the clothes lines because when it is wet for any length of time I do hang clothes out here to dry