26. Jun, 2020

My Month By Month Eco dye Collection Journals

I finally attached the headers to the eco dye journal sets I started in may. this process is to record the differences that occur at different times of the year due to tannin and chlorophyll presence. both of these sets had a strong Ferrous iron blanket of paper towels. I have another set that uses watercolour paper so the dulling of the fabric is not so intense and the water colour paper has great prints also. I didn't think carefully enough in May about having the prints on equal fabric spaces - whereas in June I made each print the size of an A4 sheet so they look a lot tidier. It is one of the reasons I had put off assembling the print journals . I have written notes on each piece in a fine market so that I can refer to them going forward. And it will soon be time to do something for July although a lot of the leaves have fallen now so I might just have to be content with evergreen leaves and see how I go.