15. Jun, 2020

Plastic As a Stitching Medium

This week's tutorial with Stitch Club was with Susie Vickery from Australia and using plastic wast at a "thread". I decided I would be less ambitious this week and the use of plastic mesh vegetable bags made me think of our iconic pohutukawa flowers so that is what I worked on. The stamens are thin strips of plastic cut from a bread bag and the green is puppy poop bags. I didn't have any black plasti bags so I used a thing strip of organza left over from the leaves of the Merrill Comeau tutorial and the anemone leaves. While the execution of this "sample" was quite quickly done it has opened another rabbit hole as I researched Susie's face portraits and her Jacques-Julien Houtou de Labillardière: Citizen Botanist mannequins. That in turn lead me to researching maori women in Vitoriana and Sofia Minson's work so I feel I am really ready to start on my level 5 Creativity course beginning June 22. These leapfrogging ideas are always what lead me on and keep me interested in the growing body of contemporary techniques out there