13. Jun, 2020

Closeup of the Japanese Anemones

These were made in two D by sandwiching a cut out petal between organza and stitching around the petals. I then put a gathering stitch along the bottom of each petal in a chain so that the petals of one flower were stitched in line. I then puled up the gathering thread so the flowers became ruched and tide off that thread. To get the 3 D impression on the background i attached the flowers with gold thread in long stab stitches (to make stamens) with a small gold seed bead at the top of each stamen. The centres were made in a similar way by using some textured gold yard and gathering a short length of it and then pulling it up into a ball and stitching it down. Stems are just couched onto the background. Using net as the initial bas makes this sort of stitching onto the foreground so easy.