10. Jun, 2020

Merril Comeau Challenge

Well the base is done and this has ended up a bit bigger than I originally planned. Merrill Comeau works with vintage and "composted" fabrics to create large installations that are mounted on net for easy of stitching and reduced weight. I love the stitching on petticoat net. This peiece is called "Surviving Covid 19" and features a mask and gloves at the top that radiate into mohair created "silk paper" in the form of angel wings. The wings are not smooth but ruffled in places and have holes in places to indicate where some loved ones fell through the protective layers. the rest of the piece is teabags stitched onto net. I have used a random scribble stitch in a variegated thread to do this. The changing colours of the scribble represent that no race or creed is immune from the danger. Originally I had intended to screen print the teabags but the texture created with the stitching and net didn't give a good print and I had to wash off what I had done. Making the teabag background is a subtle reference to lockdown and returning to simple things within the family units. I have yet to add the flowers -( an addin with the challenge Merrill set). I have chosen Japanese anemones as the flower emblem as during lockdown these were blooming outside my kitchen window. Interestingly, when I looked up the meaning of anemone it was anticipation and white anemones had an added meaning of fragility which seems to fit with my overall construct. Their purity stands out against the ravages of the disease and in this year they have an additional message. during the drought they shrivelled up and I didn't think they would bloom this year but when the rains came they lept into life and a late Autumn flowering in all their usual glory. These plants can become invasive but they are so beautiful in flower that I keep that row contained at the bottom of the garden opposite the kitchen window. I have been considering using them in a art piece for a while so it seems to all have come together well.