5. Jun, 2020

Little Pouches

With Covid 19 an unknown factor, I do not know when I might get to go on my printing trip to India so I have decided to use the money I was putting aside for that to pay for a monthly subscription to Textile.org (UK) Stitch club. The first lesson was with Debbie Lyddon and was about making little pouches/containers to place a nature item in. I decided to work on making some pouches to contain some river stones my grandchildren brought me back frorma camping trip to the South Island a few years back. I have used jeans material and Debbie's idea is to have a little hole made as a customised metal wire grommet so you can see through the pouch to catch a glimpse of what is inside. I decided to print the denim (an old pair of Rob's jeans) with a gold fosilised nautilus design which I have embellished with gold beads. The grommet and top of the puch (also a reinforced steel wire opening) have been stitched with waxed thread. I will make two pouches like this and a central one that is different and then I think I will mount them on a board. They are such fun to do and I can see lots of ideas for expanding on this technique