1. Jun, 2020

An etching from 2016

I am applying for a Creative Course on teh NZ Qualifications Framework and because I want to start at a higher level I need to put together a "Recognition of Prior Learning" portfolio complete with supporting development notes so I have been going through a lot of the things I have done over the past few years. It is very time consuming but it is amazing how my somewhat haphazard way to trying new concepts actually does feed in and compliment other areas of my development. I have become much more aware of that. Because of that and back to work after lockdown from Covid there hasn't been a lot of time for studio time. I even think I might have missed the cut off but I will finish off tomorrow and load it to their online application. This sketch is one of the stages of development I came across. The categories (I had to pick 3) that I am submitting are printing, 3 D and textiles. I have to pick 2 finished works in each category and then submit images/notes that support how I lead up to this type of work. Of course Ecoprint is in the printing side and the intaglio printing was a phase when I travelled to Hamilton weekly. However cost and family commitments brought my participation to an end and I began to investigate printing without a press so this is a forerunner of natural leaf and rust printing.