29. May, 2020

Glorious Autumn Colour

This is my front yard as the liquidambar and gingko trees divest themselves of their leaves before Winter really hits. I really need to get out there and salvage more leaves to put in the freezer before they dry out too much. The small leaf maples up the side of the house are also in full fall. A couple of days and I will be ready to work on the June samples for eco dying and then compare them to the early May ones. I wonder how much difference there will be. Kathy Hays has provided a really interesting summary - in her course on different tannin and that makes so much sense to me now. I would like to make a sampler of how different tannins affect different fabrics and the result when iron blankets are added to that mix. This is all a learning experience with the hope that I will have better control of my creations