23. May, 2020

A New Viewer High

Wow 3361 people visited my Simplesite last week.  I am amazed at how this little "Keep Me Honest Blog" to make sure I did daily studio practice is now watched by many people throughout the world.  It has been an amazing journey and now I am going to apply to do the Diploma in Creativity Level 5.  I have no formal art qualifications - it is just my passion.  Because I want to start at this level I have to provide a digital portfolio to prove Recognition of Prior Learning - along with developmental sketches/photos.  I have no idea where this will lead or even if I have a chance of being accepted but nothing ventured, nothing gained. It has been interesting hunting up all the bits and pieces that I will need to provide proof of my artisitc learning journey.  Having taken photos to support this blog as well as my own processes is now paying off - like the  photo in the insertion of fabric selection for the collage kiwi. I have to showcase 6 items across three disciplines (2 in each category) so I have chosen printing/markmaking, 3 D, and Fabric collage. Fingers crossed.  Of course the printmaking will include ecoprinting.  I just hope my level of expertise is good enough for what they are wanting.  Now I have to write up the developmental side of things.