18. May, 2020

Some of the May eco Print stencil pieces

This was my first (lazy) attempt but these two samples are probably worth keeping in the journal - especially the oak leaves on the right as I often have difficulty getting a good print from oak leaves. Many of the other prints are not worth keeping so I started over using iron blankets. With this trial I stamped the leaves on a strong iron sulfate pad after mordanting the fabric and before steaming. The left hand sample is the liquidambar (sweet gum) top side down at the top and underside at the bottom. I usually only print with the underside. The oak leaves are similar. the one at the bottom had some sort of small rust spots on it which I think has accounted for the spotty appearance in the print. I need to make a note that the Summer of 2020 was extremely dry as that could also effect the prints that I get. I will write on the fabric in permanent marker so I do not forget the details