17. May, 2020

A Visitor to the Garden

This is the elusive NZ Keruru or wood pigeon and this one has been visiting the garden to drink from the bird bath in front of the kitchen window. it is really quite special as although they are an icon they are not seen that often. They live on berries and I suspect there is a berry tree in the Park that he is feeding on. They are a very beautiful bird but a heavy flier. I often hear him coming before I see him. Apologies for the photo being on its side but I just couldn't get it to crop so all the kereru was in the photo. You can see the glorious colours in the silver birch and behind it the ginkgo tree. This is the scene outside my kitchen window. I am going to make a quilt with bird visitors to my garden one day so this will be a good photo to include in the planning.