15. May, 2020

The Far From Perfect Quilt Is finished

It is always satisfying to finish a quilt but no more than this one. It is far from perfect but I have kept going fixing what I could and learning to live with what I couldn't (or disguise it). I think when we invest a lot of time in something (and this is a marketing principal re engaging with a potential customer) it is more difficult to discard it. On top of that, when I did Jane Dunnewold's Creative Strength Programme I discover my inner critics of which the Saboteur is one of the archetypes, will stop you finishing something because you are afraid of what other's might say. Something that is not finished cannot be criticised. This quilt began as a pick up and go applique exercise when we were travelling for business overseas. I would prepare the block and then stitch in many unusual places including airports. One entire block was completed in heathrow when our flight from Paris was delayed due to fog and we had to wait 12 hours for a connecting flight to New Zealand. so there are lots of memories in the stitches too. Here it is on my bed and it will stay there for now at least. Part of the challenge in this quilt was not to buy any fabric and I wasn't too fussed on the fawn background but the quilting transformed it