11. May, 2020

Leaves For May Journal

These leaves may look very spread out for eco dying but this is my layout to examine the changes in leaf prints month by month. It is probably the wrong time of year to begin this in New Zealand as we are heading into winter and many of the deciduous trees I use for eco dying will soon be finished. You can see I have groups some small leafed maples, a green and an autumn coloured liquidamber and some cotinus in the photo above. Each of these will be a page for the May eco print journal. the idea is to see how the level of tannin in the leaves alters the prints obtained. I am using quite a strong iron blanket (paper towel with these ones. Other leaves used include silver dollar gum,flowering plum, oak The cotton fabric has been mordanted with tannin and alum. The leaves will be steamed for two hours to insure any substantive dye in the leaves is deposited on the fabric