5. May, 2020

Finished Thread painting of Shadow

This is slightly smaller than A4 and was a challenge - black animals always re and I had been putting off doing this for some time because of the need to get definition into the fur. The hue manipulation of Photoshop elements definitely helped with being able to see the gradations in the black. There is a story behind this pussy cat. When my youngest grandson was 11 he had a very nasty rugby injury that ended his rugby playing and required several bouts of surgery and recuperation to bring him right. His Mum is a solo parent and I stayed with him during rehabilitation and home schooled him. Shadow was basically an outdoor cat but while Tahi was laid up he was constantly curled up on the black rug Tahi had over him on the couch. Several times I came in and Shadow went up the back of the couch nearly giving me a heart attach because I hadn't seen him snuggled in behind Tahi. Once Tahi was better he went back to being an outdoor cat. I wondered if I had overdone the grey under stitched highlighting but overall I am fairly pleased with the result