3. May, 2020

Trying out some of the new points

The saturation exercise on this cat portrait showed that some areas of the black cat were definitely chocolate brown so you can see here how I have incorporated those colours into the thread paint. I us almost exclusively straight stitch for my work but Deborah uses free motion zigzag most of the time it seems. Note here how I have also attempted this piece WITHOUT a presser foot. I picked this up from Alison Holt who does those very realistic little scenes on silk - she never uses a presser foot. I had tried this once before but got my fingers too close to the needle and that was a painful experience. This time I have kept my fingers well away and used the edges of the fabric to manipulate the portrait. I have found that without the presser foot attached I can use the regular placement of the presser foot and it seems to give an easier tension. My machine does not have regulated thread presser options but does have specified levels that the presser foot can be set at for free machine work.. This portrait is about A4 size so I am off now to do a bit more on it. I have to do it in bursts because my shoulders feel the concentration and I need to have regular breaks