2. May, 2020

I am Sooo Excited!!!!!

For a long time now I have been trying to find a course on manipulating photos for textile art purposes - either on line or face to face. Yesterday i decided to enrol in Deborah Wirsu's new on line course on thread painting textures. Deborah is an Australian textile artist working primarily in thread sketching and thread painting and I have been following her blogs for several years now. She is a cellist in the Australian Symphony orchestra.
Guess what - the first couple of modules were on exactly what I have been looking for altering hues, getting better prints on textiles, crystallization, posterization,converting to line drawing. She covers some freebie applications and then goes into Photoshop elements which is the programme I have been trying to work with. So there went the rest of the afternoon. I started with this photo of an iris from my garden but then settled on a monochrome of a cat which is on the machine now. More about that one when I am a bit further along with it.