1. May, 2020

Textile.org Stitch challenge Week 6 - Anne Kelly

I didn't know if I would enjoy this challenge as it is focused on folk art style which is not my preferred style. I am not even sure that my piece is folk art but I am having fun putting this together. I started with a piece of sun printed fabric that I did with a stencil of birch tree trunks (this photo is taken on side. Anne suggests you use pieces of old linen, beads as well as embroidery. I went to cut up a vintage hand embroidered table cloth I had purchased at a thrift store for linen lady quilting but found I couldn't cut into it. However this motif based crotchet pieces seemed perfect. I have embroidered lazy daisy flowers in the centre and added larger beads and then I have button holed seed beads around the edges of the motifs. I am quite pleased with how this piece is progressing - it is about A4 size. I have termed this piece "Before the Deep Dark Woods". Anne places tulle over most of her pieces when finished an then quilts over the top. I do not think I will do this as I intend to boro quilt the negative spaces between the tree trunks and the texture that this creates is masked by the overlay. I will post more when I have done more of the stitching. I am enjoying the stitching