29. Apr, 2020

Talking About Shearing

When you come from a shearing family and are a sewer not all your sewing is of a fun nature. My son is still a professional shearer and shearing jeans are expensive and tend to wear on the right hand knee area where the fleece comes in frequent contact with the fabric while holding the sheep to shear. When I did lots of spinning, I was always amazed that the wool that seemed so soft would eventually cut through the metal wool guides as I spun - it took a long while but never the less it did eventually wear right through them. I think he thought Covid would be a good opportunity to get his shearing jeans mended. Working within the narrow confines of the legs is not so much fun or an easy sew. I was reminded of the women who mended with boro stitches and kept at it. Wile the fashion for young ones might be ragged knee jeans the grease in the sheep would cause grease boils and the danger of catching the handpiece in the shredded fabric is a real hazard. So my sewing time for the last two days has been devoted to mending jeans. They have multiple layers of fabric over the knee area and the tears need to be stitched down so they don't clump under the patch. Where Craig had gone through all layers an internal patch needed to be added on the inside before I could start so it is quite a performance. I am really glad it is done now and these should give him another season of wear