26. Apr, 2020


This has been an interesting exercise - layering the various components of the seed pods with different coloured organza but I am moderately pleased with where I have got to. The pod on the right is completely finished, the middle one is stitched around the outside but the inner seeds need to still be stitched in place and the one on the right is yet to be stitched at all. It has been interesting to see the colour changes as the layers of organza were introduced. I am really pleased I did the polychroma colouring exercise before starting the stitching. The bright burgundy pod on the right required two layers of the burgundy organza and double layers of the black to define the seed beads. It is probably a bit hard to pick up in the photo but the top of this pod has a small peach coloured insert - I used the end of af an organza ribbon for that as I didn't have any organza that was suitable. The other two pods have been layered with black over the burgundy to knock the colour back and the one on the left has a small burgundy overlay at the top to bring the burgundy colour back in just that area. You can see the originals and the drawings if you scroll down in the posts. What didn't work very well was the grey used to shade the pods - it is too light and I might have been better to use a single layer of black organza. Not sure if I can introduce a sliver of black under the grey at this stage. I also started this piece on some pale green linen and I think I would have been better to have used a finer weave material. Overall it has been a great experience and I was lucky that I had organza on hand from other textile projects,