25. Apr, 2020

This Week Stitch Challenge from Textile.org"

This week's stitch challenge is lead by Emily Jo Gibbs, a British embroiderer who specialises in using sheer fabrics in applique, layering the sheers to create a change in depth and colour of the characters/nature piece she is working on. You can see more of her work here https://www.emilyjogibbs.co.uk/portrait1. I had gathered these honey locust pods when wandering in Brooke Park for another textile project I am working on, but decided they might make an interesting subject to working in this way. How would I get the "feel" of the encapsulated seeds within the pod using sheer fabrics. On the left are the actual seed pods I worked from. On the right you can see my drawing from which I have made the pattern. I have used polychroma coloured pencils to get the colours because of their ability to be layered This gave me an option while I thought about what organza I had on hand to replicate the drawing.