15. Apr, 2020


I didn't think I would be able to grow bromeliads outside here but they have surprised me and with the drier summers we have had the last few years they do very well without watering. They are naturally an epiphyte so grow in the crotch of trees in their natural habitat, collecting enough water to survive in the open cup like flower. They have "pups" - little offshoot bromeliads and then the older one dies. I got my first bromeliad when my sister and I went to the Hero Garden Festival in Auckland many years ago and then when we used to go to the Taranak Rhododendron Festival there was a place specialising in bromeliads that we always called in to. Over the years I have collected quite a few as I found they grew well in more sheltered places in the garden. Of course they always remind me of my sister. As they had "pups" I split those off to increase my collection. We finally have rain but when the rain passes I will need to try out my new potting bench and break up the pupps and repot them. By then my veg seedlings will also need pricking and I am just starting on trialling mushroom cultures - something I haven done before.