14. Apr, 2020

Prayer Flag - well

I am attaching seed beads around the edges of the penants so it takes me abut 2 nights to complete each of these - there are 12 in the bunting. I started out by printing the affirmation words onto the silk but have decided to backstitch around the letters to make them more integrated into the rest of the flag. The base is a bunting that originally had Just married with a heart between the two words. I mustyfused silk sari offcuts to this and then trimmed them back to leave enough (barely in some places) to turn over a hem to the back of the penannt shape. I am attaching some very beautiful handmade beads to the bottom on=f each pennant to weight it down. It seems a really appropriate time to be sending these positive affirmations out into the world when we all need so much healing and support through Covid 19.