10. Apr, 2020

Prayer Flag one

For some time now I have been thinking about making a series of prayer flags. I had even bought some cheap bunting to mount them on. Last October at Qullt Symposium there was a merchant selling offcuts from silk saris by weight and I purchased a few of the iridescent silks so I decided to use these as a base. What better time to make prayer flags than this time of pandemic. I have also been tidying up my supplies and have unearthed a lot of embellishments that will be fun to use. I have even been through the felts and pens I have for the kids to use and got rid of all the felt pens that have had the caps left off and don not write any more. So for the next few nights I will work away at the prayer flags. I am placing small seed beads around the edge attached with buttonhole. A simple word message and some sort of embellishment. The butterfly on this one is also attached with small seed beads around the motif