8. Apr, 2020

My reorganised Reading Nook

I brought the old wooden rocking chair into the lounge and set it up in this corner as a reading nook close to the fire for the coming winter months. The banker's light hasn't been going for some time and I managed to reorganise the plugs so this could be going also. |It makes a lovely soft glow when it is on but not really enough to read by. On top of the little table is my very full sketch book full of ideas and trials. Having stood in line and battled the vagaries of grocery shopping for three hours this morning I feel like a well earned time out in this chair. There are security guards on the supermarket doors and they only allow one person in when one person comes out. I was shopping for us, for Grandma (she is 95) and for my youngest daughter as they are saying that we should limit the number of people going to the supermarket. It was a mission with one trolley and three orders to keep separate -I think I still ended up with a couple of Kim's items in our own lot. At least it is teaching us to be patient as there is nothing you can do but wait your turn or go without. The queues reminded me of the visuals of soup kitchens except the people there were standing closer together. \Hopefully it will teach gratitude for what we have so long taken for granted. And the daily new cases in NZ is heading down. Are we past the peak? And what will the new world with so many jobs lost be like?