24. Mar, 2020

Life Goes On

Into this scary time we are living with life goes on. Here is my daughter Kim holding her new grandson Levi. She has closed her business in an emotional day before the Prime Minister announce we are all going to Level 4 with all non essential business forced to close and everyone to self isolate to prevent further spread of covid 19. I spent most of the day trying to make sure the family had enough basic supplies for prolonged shutdown. I have always had a good store cupboard with supplemented by homegrown vegetables. Schools in NZ close today so I think there will be some stressful home situations where limited social contact is going to be difficult. for those of us in the crafting community there will be opportunities. since I had to cancel my printing trip to India I have used some of that money to take up an online dying progamme from the Dyery in the UK. I hope I can source the natural dye products for that.