22. Mar, 2020

Enhancing Gyotaku Experiments

Here is one of my kahawai prints that I have now appliqued onto black felt. Currently I am sewing tiny silver beading around the outside of this fellow. As we sit at home with covid 19 one of the things you might like to think about is revisiting some of your "less popular art attempts. This particular print began as a deconstructed screen print (the blue squiggles). I wasn't too fussed about the print so I decided to use it for this experiment.
Then I used black and white transparent paint on the fish to print on top of that fabric- with the transparent fish the blue is knocked back but still shows through. I have enhanced the eye with inktense pencils and still have the rest of the fins to overstitch in long strands of black thread. I was reading a book on Early 20th century embroidery and there was a chapter on couching so that is where the idea to find something to outline him with germinated. I have another couple of "rescue prints that I could mount as a series so my evenings will be busy with these for a while