21. Mar, 2020

Home Made Wax Wraps

This week I made some wax wraps to put over food containers and wrap sandwiches in. I purchased the bees wax and jojoba blocks already mixed in blocks as I wasn't to o sure that I wanted the quantities that you had to buy of the raw product. The washed fabric is pinked around the edge and then you simply melt the wax and apply it one side of the fabric with a cheap brush. The fabric is then put on a sheet of tinfoil and put in an oven at 100 degrees centigrade for 3 minutes to allow the wax to go right through the fabric. Once it is cool the wax allows the fabric to wrap around the top of a bowl as you can see in the picture or seal a package shut. Cleaning is just a rinse under cool water - hot water will melt the wax in the fabric. You can see in the photo above I have one wrap around a left over bowl. I keep the wraps in the fridge when not in use.