20. Mar, 2020

Heritage Collage

Some years ago, when I first started thread painting I created an image of my great grandfather and his sons with their bullock team in the bush. You can see a photo of this somewhere under the quilt journey entries. Now I am trying to recreating this scene using collage techniques. I am finding it mor difficult - possibly because I am trying to stay with more realistic colours rather and that takes away my concentration on colour value. Here is the head of the first of the bullocks. It is slow going as I am not finding much time to work on this but maybe with the lock down due to Covig 19 I will get to work on this more. I also want to start on thread painitng or collage and African animal series so if we are isolated at home I will have plenty to work on. the government just closed our borders last night so the only people who can enter are New Zealanders returning home and on an NZ passport.