17. Mar, 2020

Still Playing

Top left and bottom right i tried adding in a single layer of paper towel iron blanket from my eco dying. I have now lightly worked into the outlines to enhance the prints. The bottom left is a print on albaca paper (some teabags are made of this) It is quite hard to source but I have ordered some from Margherita at Cutting Edge Textiles. When it arrives Jan and I will have to self isolate in my studio and work away. The lotus flower stamps in this one have been darkened by dabbing ge medium on them. doing this has to be delicate so the paint/ink on the stamp doesn'
t bleed. This particular stamp is an acrylic one and I have found that the best way to use stamps in this sort of composition is to dab he paint onto the stamp with a foam swab being careful to not over wet the stamp and then place firmly on the fabric. I have been using a bamboo barin to insure the pressure I place on the stamp is even overall