16. Mar, 2020

Stamps and laminated napkins

No thermofax in this one but I am continuing to push the boundaries of my tools to see what effects I can get. The text is from stamps - I am finding that when printing on fabric it is better to dab fabric paint onto the stamps with a sponge rather than trying to use a stamp pad. It also increases the number of colours I can us. The marron clusters and mustard leaves are foamies, as is the blue flowers. The fantail is a wooden Christmas decoration and I will probably work back into this. The paper napkin laminate was a bit of a surprise. The bright pink appeared with the application of the gel medium so there must have been some sort of ph reaction, I will probably work into that and knock back the colour to tone more with the rest of the panel. The butterflies and small leaf branches are acrylic stamps. Over the years I have collected quite a few stamps and stencils so now is the time to experiment with these. I do not know how much application they will have in my future quilting but I can see that they would be fun in a fabric or even paper based journal. With coronavirus and the suggestion to stay home there are lots of possibilities for me to pursue. I was supposed to be in India now on the printing tour but I cancelled out because of the virus - not because I was afraid of getting it so much as the prospect of not being able to get back into the country and restrictions have now been put in place regarding entry so I think I did the right thing. Hopefully by October, when the next tour to Jaipur is scheduled, things will have quietened down a bit.