13. Mar, 2020

More Exploring Mixed Media Ephemera

I am enjoying the process of the ephemera but i do not think it will be something I beomce addicted to. It is good to see how various materials can be laminated onto the fabric and of course I am using my thermofax screens and stamps to also create the process. The pukeko in this piece started as a sketch in my sketchbook and then I had it made into a thermofax screen. Here it has been coloured with coloured pencils. The red rose is a stamp on tea bag paper, laminated with gel medium and then also coloured with colour pencil. The cicadas are stamps and most of the rest is one layer of paper napkins laminated to the surface with gel medium. I have decided to do 9 squares, join them together and quilt the result. With all the upset in the world with coronavirus it is just as well I have plenty to keep me busy at home. I had intended to be in India now on my long awaited print tour trip with Colouricious but I was worried about quarantine and getting back into the country.