12. Mar, 2020

Playing with Mulitmedia

While this piece of fabric didn't have enough golden yellow in it to create fabric similar to my original piece - and was probably too watered down also, I do not mind the marbled effect created. Originally I wasn't too happy with this piece but it has ended up being one of my favourites. I think that has to do with the repeated images of the thermofax seed head screen ( one Wayne at Jane Dunnewold studios made up for me). I also like the layered effect. The blue and green birds in the background are thermofax screens of Judy Coate Perez and at the top left I have used one of Jane Dunnewold's background screens. I want to try more with background thermofax screens with images layered over the top. The words at the bottom and the bird and flower at the top left are single layers of a paper napkin and the cicadas - which are still loudly proclaiming their presence here at the moment - is a Tom Holtz stamp. I found if I carefully placed gel medium over the stamp it darkened it to look more like a thermofax print