8. Mar, 2020

Slow Stitching

I don't do so much slow stitching these days - a combination of being tired at night and arthritis in my thumbs but I still love the meditative action of slow stitching. I did try Sue Stones (UK) online course but got locked out of the site and then got frustrated with all the learning squares. I do admire her work and just recently she put out a video on stitching people's faces. She recommended starting with someone you don't know and tracing the bare minimum outline onto tissue paper and stitching through tissue paper. Years ago - before free machine quilting - I sued a similar method for machine patchwork quilting. The purpose of this exercise is to use minimal stitches and colour. I have chosen black and grey and will use running stitch and back stitch. Jo Dixley (NZ) is another embroidery who works in a similar manner. So here is my beginning. An old man in a beanie - basic outline traced onto tissue paper and hooped up using some cotton fabric that is buff in colour - some I used to see what happened with water that I had cooked beetroot in. It will keep me energised at night for a while.