7. Mar, 2020

Please Can We Have Some Rain

This is the driest we have ever been and I simply can't get enough water to parts of the garden. I don't do much out there at this time of the year other than water and carry grey water from the house out to areas I am trying to get to survive. Our soils are clay based and even though I have mulched this is what parts of the garden look like at the moment. It is a wonder anything can survive. We had a couple of showers this last week but that wasn't nearly enough and was the first rain we had had for over 70 days which is unusual for here. Crazy because the South Island has had flooding but the rain just doesn't seem to be getting this far north. So I am carrying on with household projects and some crafting and leaving the garden alone pretty much. On the crafting note, this daily post began as a personal challenge to keep me committed to my creativity and last week it hit a new high of 1968 visitors for the week. I am very humbled that so many people keep an eye on what I am doing each week.