1. Mar, 2020

Day 2 with Judy Coates Perez - Fabric Painting

The painting on fabric day. We were offered a range of photocopy transfers. I chose this rabbit family but might have been more advised to work on one of the more folk art type paintings that is more indicative of Judy's work. First up we traced the image onto PFD pima cotton. Then we traced the silhouette on the paper side of freezer paper and cut out the silhouette. Mine was quite simple but some of them had various bits that had to be cut out separately. We ironed the silhouette onto the cotton making sure it had a good bond because we would paint the background leaving just the silhouette white. We also ironed a square of freezer paper on the back of the cotton to give good, flat working surface. Then using a broad tipped square brush, setacolour fabric pant and extender ( so the paint didn't bleed into the fabric beneath the freezer paper silhouette, we painted the background. I very boringly mixed a olivey green for the bottom half and used a turquoise blue for the sky area. My thoughts are to machine embroider details of fur and grass before I quilt this. If you look carefully at the photo you can see where the freezer paper resist is keeping the fabric paint off the cotton fabric underneath.