29. Feb, 2020

Going Green Denpasar

Here is the going Green quilt. It was not accepted for exhibition - they had over twice the number of submissions to what they could have in the exhibition. While disappointing the quilt still speaks of this woman's work. The rubbish from around the city is brought to these dump sites in hand drawn high sided carts and she sits there all day sorting the debris. The rubbish mountain threatens to overwhelm her as she work on. Like all young people she has her own aspirations but is also caught in the poverty trap of menial work, poor remuneration and little hope of advancement. At least she has a job. Apart-from the threads batting and backing everything in the construction of this quilt is recycled, re-purposed. The background is teabags, the rubbish mountain is an old woolen blanket eco dyed. The tree of hope is scraps and actual hydrangea flowers embedded in organza.