27. Feb, 2020

Ephemera Stage 2

Once the thermofax prints were dried we applied some paper based images. I wanted to try a variety so I used a piece of map paper at the top, some previously printed and coloured tea bags (the bee at the top, the flower at the bottom left and the duck at the bottom right, a piece from an Indonesian newspaper bottom centre and some single layer from printed table napkins (the rooster and the bird at the top right. In the centre right there is a piece torn from an old dress making pattern. This was done by applying gel medium to the place where the image was to be applied and then carefully placing the image making sure there was gell under all edges. More gel medium was then placed over the top and the edges carefully smoothed down. In the photo the gel has yet to be applied. Handling the napkins was a delicate operation as once wet, the single layer is very fragile. The black and white images are on albaca paper which is what teabags are made out of. The dragonfly I hand traced onto the paper but the others had been copied onto a sheet. If this paper is available it is much easier to print directly onto it thanonto a taped teabag