22. Feb, 2020

Printing on Teabags a la Judy Coates Perez

I am off to a two day workshop with Judy Coate Perez today. This lady was the inspiration behind my venture into using teabags in my art but my use has taken a different path to what she does so I am excited to maybe learn new techniques. In preparation for the workshop I was looking on her website and found a blog on printing on teabags. A light came on - sometimes I think I must be incredibly stupid. She prints the thumbnail sized images onto paper first and then tapes teabags over the top of the images making sure the top of the teabags are well taped down. Then she runs it back through the printer so that this time the print is on the teabags. In the photo I haven't quite put all the teabags on. I got a bit greedy and put too many prints on the one page. Next time I will leave more white space around each image so that there is more space for the sellotape because if the print goes onto the tape then it isn't on the teabag when you remove the tape. I used a variety of stained teabags and both coloured and black and white and sepia thumbnails.