17. Feb, 2020

Its Always Easier to Start a New Project

A Friend gave me four amazing stencils of NZ flora and I added some that I had and begun a new quilt so she could see that I used her gift. As we had journeyed the use of teabag art together I decided to use teabags as a background to the stencilled images. Here are a couple. I think I have the stencilling thing down pat now. I use a stencil brush and dab it first in fabric paint and then on a lid so the brush is quite dry. Then I use a vertical stabbing motion building up layers first along the edges of the stencil and then into the middle. This way gives good strong stencil images without the danger of the paing/ink blurring at the edges/ Once the stencils are dry I coat the entire teabag surface with gel medium. I usually use golden mat medium but this time i was out so I used some modge podge for tissue and it turned out to be gloss so this lot looks a bit different - still has the appearance of aged leather which I love. I use the gel to seal and protect the teabags and it makes them stronger for the intense quilting I often do on top. The joimig stips are the foil insides of coffee packets with random textured yarn and black organza over the too of the foil and then quilted over in a series of figures if eight/ The warm/cool contrast and the bits of shiny foil showing through the yarn makes a pleasing contrast. Note in the picture these are just sitting next to one another. The tabag squares - teabags laminated onto lightweight vilene squares using misty fuse haven't been squared up yet for joining