14. Feb, 2020

Thninking About this Process

Here is another print using Forest Pansy Leaves from the freezer. This time I put printed tissue paper over the leaves. You can see a few pieces of print transfer (mainly blue) but I had hoped for more. I wondered why the tissue paper print was so indefinite. This is what I think happened. To get a good print from eco bundles you need good contact, properly prepared fabric, moisture and heat. It is important when trying to get highly defined prints that the fabric is not too wet or the prints will be blurry. I think using the watercolour paper helps to control the amount of moisture on the print surface by absorbing excess moisture into the watercolour paper. I tried this process with some sketchbook paper and it wasn't successful at all. In this case my misting of the fabric layer was not enough to dampen the tissue paper enough to get the effect of a transfer blanket. I think I should have spritzed the tissue paper more so that it was damper and able to transfer its pattern around the leaves. It is still a subtle colour addition. I might have to retry this option at some time